About me



Welcome to my world and a glimpse of my life as an Elite Courtesan and secret girlfriend. I would love to invite you to browse through my website and let you imagine your future encounter with me albeit a brief afternoon date at a suave London hotel, or a weekend getaway to a secluded resort in the sun where you forget all your inhibitions and indulge fully in the Terra experience. 

You are a man, successful, powerful, and sexually robust, with an imagination waiting to be released from its golden cage to run wild with the girl who has everything a man could possibly want. That is me Terra, your secret eurasian girlfriend. Soft to touch, hair that is long silky and dark, big brown eyes with a subtle hint from the Orients, full round breasts, toned lines, and curves all in the right places. 

Gentlemen, let us dig a little bit deeper, and discover more about Terra past the superficial elements of appearance and imagination. I am 26 years old, half English and half Japanese and raised internationally. In other words I am from nowhere but everywhere. I am from a middle class family, well educated, bilingual, well travelled, business minded, healthy and into anything tech. Although looking immaculate, wearing beautiful clothes, and shopping at the mall is all good and well, you are more likely to find me in at the gym or fitness centre training my body and pushing my well sculpted body too its limit. If I am not devoting my time to you while in your company, my other interests and hobbies would include sitting in an artisan cafe reading my book, strolling through a local museum, attending an art exhibition, or simply watching my favourite Netflix show as I rustle up a bowl of fettuccine alfredo. 

In a world that’s increasingly detached and mundane, I beckon you to pause, and rediscover that zest for life. The burning flame and desire that has been snuffed out by the harsh realities of every day life, and that excitement and stimulation that has fallen flat and lifeless.  Let me take your hand and guide you through the world of Terra, the world that will have your taste buds tingling with new sensations, your groin burning with desire and passion, and your thirst for affection revived. Allow me to be your secret eurasian girlfriend and confidante. 

On our first meeting, you will find me to be a genuine girl with a infectious laugh and curious mind. I want to listen to you, learn from you, and hear your experiences as well as share mine. You will be lost in conversation at the dinner table, and lost for words in the bedroom as we spend our special time together. This is your special treat, your little secret with the girl of your dreams, your brief escape from reality, but sublime moments of a lifetime. So, put your arms around me and let me capture your attention.